As we all practice social distancing to help curb the spread of coronavirus staying at home all day can get quite boring at times especially for our kids. Here are some ideas for things to do at home with your kids:

  1. Have an in-house picnic party: With kids staying at home and being used to playing with friends at school, they are sure going to miss them a lot! Turn your lounge or garden in to a picnic spot and plan a day out but indoors!
  2. Play hide and seek: With no physical activity around, kids are surely going to love this idea of playing hide and seek! Hide in their favorite spots in the house and give them clue to find you!
  3. Make your own family DIY board game: Cut an old cardboard and make it in to Ludo or scrabble. Print names of your family member and name each house!
  4. Interview each other: Start interviewing each other face-to-face by asking each other questions and taking notes. This will help them to polish their speaking skills.
  5. Start an online book club:Engage with your kids friends online and start discussions about your kid’s favorite books!
  6. Do a family hand print project: Wet your hands with some paints and draw on sheets! Make a family imprint and frame it in your lounge!
  7. Start gardening: Get seeds from your local store or left over food and plan it with your kids! They are sure going to love the progress of their home grown food every day!
  8. Write handwritten notes: Your kids are missing their friends for sure, instead of video calling them every day encourage them to send them a DIY handmade card and post it!
  9. Practice Yoga! Self-mediation is really important these days! While you do yoga each morning make sure the kids join you to practice mindfulness and appraise the good in life!
  10. Watch Disney together! As cliché as it might sound! Watch your kids favorite shows and movies with them! They are sure going to love it!

Also here are some free online resources for kids to engage and learn while at home:

  • PBS KIDS – One-stop shop for all educational content
  • MathGames – Fabulous free games and quiz questions
  • National Geographic Kids -Stunning photos and stories of Earth’s peoples and wildlife
  • MetKids – Whimsical, kid-friendly intro to the world of art
  • ReadWriteThink – Excellent free resource for reading and writing

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“When I work from home, I wake up, put on a pot of coffee, and start working immediately — much earlier normal working hours. I only start making breakfast once I’ve hit a wall or need a break. I’m a morning person and find I can get a ton done in the early morning hours, so this works really well for me.” – Lindsay Kolowich

Are you someone who is working from home for the first time? If yes, we have some useful tips to stay organized while keeping up with activities at home! Although we agree that it’s really hard to work from home and be productive when you have always done an office job. Read on to see how to work from home:

  1. Create a workspace , preferably a quiet place in the house
  2. Set your hours for work and do not do house chores in between work
  3. Make a to-do list every day and follow it
  4. Dress up and make yourself a nice cup of coffee
  5. Take small breaks to give yourself some fresh air
  6. Clean your space and light up a candle
  7. As cliché as it might sound commit to do more!

If you are looking for planners to organize your work, find some in our stationery section or complete customize one @inkfactoryonline! Let us know how you are keeping yourself organized in the comment section below.


Stay home, stay safe! We are all in this #together With so much going on around all of us, it’s imperative for us to follow all the guidelines given by our health professionals in order to remain safe and healthy. Here are some important steps that we as individuals can take to help curb the spread of covid-19:

  • Stay home and avoid public spaces and social gatherings
  • Stay at least 6 feet away from others if you go out
  • Always, wear a mask in public
  • Opt to delivery services for groceries, medications and other household items

In order to practice social distancing effectively, we have decided to temporarily close our studio till further notice in light of the current situation around us. The health and safety of our employees and workers including you is most important to us at this time. We encourage you to shop online at our website; our team will be available on social media handles and Whats-app for all your assistance. Here is how you can place orders online:

We hope everyone is prioritizing safety and social distancing and keeping in touch with your loved ones virtually! Let’s continue the norm of social distancing to flatten the curve.


Ink Factory a new emerging platform for digital printing solutions participated at Print Pak Expo 2019 held this weekend at Lahore Expo Center. Ink Factory is a solely owned subsidiary of HY Group which is the leading printing and manufacturing solutions company in Pakistan.

For all of those who are not familiar with the brand, Ink Factory is a team of creative designers and artists making your dream design into a perfect piece of art! Since opening its design studio at Main Boulevard Gulberg, Lahore in January 2017, they have provided hundreds of local individuals and businesses with design and print solutions. Recently they have launched Pakistan’s first web to print solution online which also gives a platform for local artists, designers, and makers to sell their work and be acknowledged. In addition to this Ink Factory has also opened its Express studio’ at the University of Lahore, Raiwind Road.

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Ink Factory collaborated with Polo for Peace tournament this October at Lahore Polo and Country Club. For all of those who are not familiar with the brand Ink Factory is a team of creative designers and artists making your dream design in to a perfect piece of art! With collections ranging from modern to elegant, to plain to colorful, they can fully personalize a design that perfectly suits your needs!

Since opening its design studio at Lahore in January 2017, they have provided hundreds of local individuals and businesses with design and print solutions. Recently they have launched Pakistan’s first web to print solution online You can order a pre-made design for print, customize it or simply upload one and get it delivered right at your doorstep. The product portfolio includes mugs, t-shirts, cushions, totes, business cards, posters, flyers and more!



Hola! We are going to give you an insight of the top stationery trends of 2019 and you are bound to fall in love with all of them!


Watercolors have always been one of the most widely used staple for artists across the world. The stylish yet elegant look and feel of watercolors on stationery make it a perfect piece of art. It creates textures look very subtle and create depth in the design. They make perfect backgrounds for business cards, and book covers as well as wedding stationery.


Since Rifle Paper Co. broke its record in the market, floral-inspired stationery has been a trend since then. The sweet and colorful floral patterns make a very dramatic impact on stationery design and artwork. Some of the most popular combinations are dark-hued blooms, bright florals, and peony watercolor flowers.


If you are more of a classy person then wax stamps are sure to add the extra zinc to your personalized stationery. Although they have been there for long, they are has been a comeback for personalized wax stamps especially when it comes to wedding stationery.

Color Blocks

Inspired by Papier stationery, color blocks are the new bee in the market now. Bright hues to rainbow colors they add the pop to your stationery. Some of the most popular combinations are blues with pinks, reds with whites, and yellows with orange.

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Launching a new brand is a nerve-racking job, but it is so overwhelming for those who really passionate about it! Ink Factory is a team of creative designers and artists, making your dream design into a perfect piece of art! With collections ranging from modern to elegant, to plain to colorful, personalize a design ideally suited for your needs! Since opening our design studio at Lahore in January 2017, we have provided hundreds of local individuals and businesses with design and print solutions! We are proud to be still associated with many of the original clients from those humble beginnings.

We are now on a journey to make your lifestyle a dream space for you to live in! Digital printing is not just about printing it’s a way to make your dreams turn in to reality within a few hours! We have worked extremely hard to put together the best library of designs for you in every celebration of your life! From personalized favors and invitations for your special day to everything leading up to it, from announcement cards and party essentials, enjoy exploring our beautiful collection!

At Ink Factory we aim to stand by what our vision inculcates: to change the realm of digital printing in Pakistan. When you shop at, you can explore through the wide range of digital printing products that we offer. We have everything that an individual or professional is looking for, from corporate merchandising to home décor and more! Our printing technology ensures vibrant colors, sharp imagery and crystal clear text that makes your shopping a worthwhile experience! If you would like to talk to us about a project or you have a question, please get in touch. Our dedicated team of individuals will help you at every step from your idea to design and final product formation! Cheers!



Everything you do in your business from the colors of the logo; to the texture of your packaging and merchandising, to the people who work for you. They all resonate a story of your brand back to your audience. Off course, the product needs to be the best from inside, but it’s a good packaging is what makes a lasting impression in the minds of the consumers. It gives the customer a clear vision about the brand itself and distinguishes from the competitors in the market.

The brand packaging and stationery not only defines the product, but it’s one of the most important marketing tactics used by companies to develop their trust and credibility for clients and consumers in general. With the logo or colors of the brand being displayed on the packaging and stationery items, it sets you apart from others in the market. Each element of the packaging itself whether it be the shape, design or colors says something about the brand; therefore a captivating image in the minds of the consumers will also help them to pay more for the product itself, therefore resulting in more sales for the organization.

In a nutshell, here are a few tips for organizing your brand packaging and stationery:

Start with your brand and product

Perhaps this is the reason you want the design for packaging, and all your stationery needs fulfilled at its best. From the packaging aspect, it should fit your product well and also be able to attract the consumers visually. From the stationery design aspect, it should define what your brand stands for and be able to communicate your vision to the end consumer.

Know your customer

They say the fundamental principle in building effective brands is to understand consumer behavior and needs. When designing the packaging, it’s vital to create something that appeals to the customers. Doing product comparisons with competitors can also help understand what end-user likes or not.

Decide your budget

Allocating the right budget to your branding and stationery is critical. The right amount of money should be invested in keeping in mind the results of the final purchase. In a recent global survey, it was revealed that 72% of the consumers take into consideration the packaging of the brand before purchase. So when investing the budget for packaging and stationery design, less should be done for more and there is no better option than going for digital printing options. The digital printing gives an option to companies to stock less and therefore give more return on investment in less time.

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