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Sticker Size: 4″X2″ 

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Zamzam Bottle Stickers are an ideal way to personalize and beautify your Zamzam water bottles, adding a touch of elegance and distinction. These high-quality stickers are specifically designed to enhance the appearance of your bottles, making them perfect for special occasions, personal use, or as meaningful gifts. With a sleek size of 4″ x 2″, these stickers provide ample space for detailed designs while maintaining a streamlined look that fits well on various bottle shapes and sizes.

The dimensions of 4″ x 2″ are carefully chosen to ensure the stickers are versatile and visually appealing. This size is ideal for showcasing intricate designs, logos, or text without overwhelming the bottle. Whether you’re looking to commemorate a special event, promote a message, or simply add a decorative element, the 4″ x 2″ size offers the perfect balance of visibility and subtlety.

Crafted with high-resolution printing, Zamzam Bottle Stickers ensure that every detail of your design stands out with vibrant colors and sharp clarity. The quality of the print ensures that the stickers remain eye-catching and professional-looking, enhancing the overall presentation of your bottles. Moreover, the stickers are made from durable materials, featuring a waterproof finish that protects them from moisture, ensuring they stay intact and looking great even when exposed to water.

The adhesive used for these stickers is strong yet gentle, allowing them to adhere firmly to the bottle surface without causing damage when removed or repositioned. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who may want to reuse bottles or update their designs periodically.

A minimum purchase quantity of 50 stickers makes Zamzam Bottle Stickers an excellent choice for bulk needs, such as events, religious gatherings, or large-scale personal use. This bulk option ensures that you have enough stickers to maintain a consistent and cohesive look across multiple bottles, whether you’re preparing for a wedding, a community event, or simply want to stock up for future use.

It’s important to note that these products are stickers only; bottles are not included. This allows you the flexibility to use your preferred bottles, ensuring compatibility with your specific requirements and tastes. You can select bottles that best suit your event or personal preference, and then enhance them with these beautifully designed stickers.

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