Ramadan Kids Puzzle


Soft Cardboard: (A3 Size) (102 puzzle blocks)

Acrylic: (9″ x9″ Size) (82 puzzle blocks)


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Introducing for the first time in Pakistan customized jigsaw photo puzzles for Ramazan! At Ink Factory you can easily create a picture-perfect gift! Photo puzzle is a personalized picture puzzle from your selected photo. Just simply upload your most favorite photo memory and turn in to personalized piece of art! It’s also a great idea to keep kids engaged at home by printing their most liked cartoon in to a puzzle! Upload one to get started! Design a personalized jigsaw puzzle and turn your favorite memories into a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy, again and again, enjoy a memory one piece at a time with custom puzzles. Upload your favorite photos to create a personalized jigsaw puzzle that the whole family will love. Create a custom puzzle and make a fun personalized gift and unique game for all ages. Unique, fun, and entertaining, you can choose your favorite memory and make it.


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