Key Chain


Product Specification:

Ink Factory offers very attractive look to the viewer. The Keychain has high endurance due its premium metal material.

Print Area Size: 3.2cm X 7cm

Key Chain Features:

-Elegant and Gorgeous
-Premium metal
-Premium UV Printing

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These key chains enable advertising your products and brand in an inexpensive way and are thus highly used nowadays.
These corporate accessories can be used effectively to raise brand and product awareness among different segments.
The print venue is the print avenue and an answer for all your
printing needs. plastic or metallic Photo printed key chains, you can easily print your favorite designs or patterns on your constant companion – the keyrings online. All of this can also be done from the convenience of your home or office desk. The key chain will take anywhere from about 10-40 minutes to completely print, depending on the size and complexity. Once the key chain is completely printed, you will need to remove it from the base by sliding it.

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