Best Friend Custom Jigsaw Photo Puzzle


Soft Cardboard: (A3 Size) (102 puzzle blocks)

Acrylic: (9″ x9″ Size) (82 puzzle blocks)

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Introducing for the first time in Pakistan customized jigsaw photo puzzles! At Ink Factory you can easily create a picture-perfect gift! A photo puzzle is a personalized picture puzzle from your selected photo. Just simply upload your favorite photo memory and turn it into a personalized piece of art! It’s also a great idea to keep kids engaged at home by printing their most liked cartoon into a puzzle! Upload one to get started! Design a personalized jigsaw puzzle and turn your favorite memories into a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy again and again. I love the picture puzzle. Upload your favorite photos to create a personalized jigsaw puzzle that the whole family will love. Create a custom puzzle and make a fun personalized gift and unique game for all ages. Unique, fun, and entertaining, you can choose your favorite memory and make it. Best toy for babies to play with and develop intelligence. Premium quality and environmentally friendly healthy materials selected to make sure of its strength.

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