Eid Envelopes


Product Description:

This beautiful set of 5 money envelopes is perfect for cash gift giving. Perfect for any occasion. You will receive an assortment of 5 envelopes. These Envelops have an area where you can fill in “from”. Envelope size approximate 6.5″ X 3.8″.



Eid Envelopes are stylish, subtle and classy accessory especially when you are handing out Cash as Gift. Eid Envelopes are among the Top 10 things sought after during Weddings, Festivals, Pujas etc. Personalize Traditional, Quirky, Ethnic themed Envelopes with Name of your Loved Ones, Family, Your Business, Logos, Personalized Messages  .  Sometimes the stress of gift-giving is just too much, and that’s where this free printable money envelope template comes in handy. Just download the pdf at the end of this post, print, and cut along the outside edges. Then fold and glue the template per the instructions on the flaps . A money envelope is the one that carries notes which you might want to gift a near one. The envelope is also meant to offer cash wages to a professional for some service done. These are usually wide, rectangular and you can use a business envelope template to create your money envelopes . A gift money culture probably comes from the Chinese as they usually give out money in envelopes to their family or close friends during Chinese New year celebration. They usually prepare it on red envelopes with gold accents. For Chinese people, giving cash money as a gift means giving luck.

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