Back To School Notebooks

A good notebook is all you need to scribble your thoughts on or organize your work! Find a notebook of every style & color at Ink Factory! Explore
our collection of floral and watercolor notebooks or customize one. Build a connection with your students whether you are in the classroom or distance
learning with these fun, time-saving editable meet the teacher templates.You receive both print & digital options in both Google Slides and PowerPoint formats..
Save time during the hectic back to school season with pre-designed templates that are completely customizable for your needs. Colored paper to print school projects,
art projects or just use for writing a note or letter. Print and keep some extra handy, you never know when the kids will need extra writing paper. Bordered Animal
Paper Holiday Writing Paper Holiday paper for those special days. Kids can never have an excuse not to practice their writing skills. They can actually be used in a
variety of ways. You can print them onto sticker papers and use them to label school items such as books, notebooks, pencil cases, folders and more! You can also opt
to print them on card stock and use them as school cards for your lunchbox notes …

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