Greeting Card for Dad

Just select your most favorite photo or text and get an awesome personalized tote bag for yourself!
Explore our collection of designs or customize one at Ink Factory.
To achieve that original vintage feel, this custom print vintage tote bag is the winner.
With its color contrasting handles and organic cotton, your customers will get the feel of a classic tote bag. With fewer stitched seams,
this personalized tote can be rolled up to save on space until it’s needed . Our promotional tote bags employ a single-color print.
On the classic and premium tote bags, you can include a full-color logo .
With your print on the side of the tote bag you will reach a larger audience and become memorable at any fair or event.
By personalizing a tote bag you also take a stand for the environment, as they are commonly used as a replacement for single-use plastic bags .
Print your company logo on tote bags by sending us your logo or artwork image file that you wish to apply to your bag, and we will do the rest.
Your design will bring professionalism and creativity to your bag, allowing you to stand out among a crowd.
Our screen printing is placed on to the tote bag by the use of a heat-bonded process.

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