How to organize work at home

“When I work from home, I wake up, put on a pot of coffee, and start working immediately — much earlier normal working hours. I only start making breakfast once I’ve hit a wall or need a break. I’m a morning person and find I can get a ton done in the early morning hours, so this works really well for me.” – Lindsay Kolowich

Are you someone who is working from home for the first time? If yes, we have some useful tips to stay organized while keeping up with activities at home! Although we agree that it’s really hard to work from home and be productive when you have always done an office job. Read on to see how to work from home:

  1. Create a workspace , preferably a quiet place in the house
  2. Set your hours for work and do not do house chores in between work
  3. Make a to-do list every day and follow it
  4. Dress up and make yourself a nice cup of coffee
  5. Take small breaks to give yourself some fresh air
  6. Clean your space and light up a candle
  7. As cliché as it might sound commit to do more!

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