Top Stationery Trends of 2019

Hola! We are going to give you an insight of the top stationery trends of 2019 and you are bound to fall in love with all of them!


Watercolors have always been one of the most widely used staple for artists across the world. The stylish yet elegant look and feel of watercolors on stationery make it a perfect piece of art. It creates textures look very subtle and create depth in the design. They make perfect backgrounds for business cards, and book covers as well as wedding stationery.


Since Rifle Paper Co. broke its record in the market, floral-inspired stationery has been a trend since then. The sweet and colorful floral patterns make a very dramatic impact on stationery design and artwork. Some of the most popular combinations are dark-hued blooms, bright florals, and peony watercolor flowers.


If you are more of a classy person then wax stamps are sure to add the extra zinc to your personalized stationery. Although they have been there for long, they are has been a comeback for personalized wax stamps especially when it comes to wedding stationery.

Color Blocks

Inspired by Papier stationery, color blocks are the new bee in the market now. Bright hues to rainbow colors they add the pop to your stationery. Some of the most popular combinations are blues with pinks, reds with whites, and yellows with orange.

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